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Business Manager, Administration, Gallery Director


Phone: 360-333-4395 (text preferred)

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Jenny has been Paul's biggest supporter for the last 15 years, in life, marriage and career. She is the business end of Blue Heron Craftworks. Clients work with Jenny from the first inquiry about their tattoo through all of the coordination and scheduling, up to consultation on design and appointment with Paul. 

Outside of the tattoo studio, Jenny runs The Heron's Nest Gallery & Art Market.  

Some of her passions in life include child-led learning, financial independence, DIY projects, making a mess of the kitchen, and being near/in/on the water regardless of the season. 

At home, Jenny is busy with her and Paul’s three boys and aspiring homestead. You can also find her nerding out on spreadsheets, hanging out with their pups (Isla and Ullr), and exploring the San Juan Islands and acres of forest near their home in Bow.

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