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Welcome to The Heron's Nest. We are so thrilled we got to open this space and collaborate with local artists!

Jenny and Paul have been in business together for over a decade in the art world and launched their latest venture in October 2023. The Heron's Nest is located one floor down from Blue Heron Craftworks in Suite 307A on the bustling 3rd floor of Sycamore Square, directly across from the Black Cat Restaurant. 

The two-room gallery consists of an art market in the front room filled with artisan products from a variety of local talent. In the back we have the gallery room which is space for small openings and exhibits as well as pop-up markets, workshops and small private events. 

We have a current Artist Call for a variety of community exhibitions sprinkled throughout the year. We are also looking for new artists and products for the art market. 

If you are a maker or artist and this has piqued your interest, please reach out to Jenny! We'd love to explore the different options that are available and if they are in alignment with your intentions and goals for your work!

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Paul and Jenny Foertsch
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