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Tattooer. Artist. 

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Jessica Biondolillo was born and raised in the Rockies of western Colorado. She grew up on a cattle ranch with her siblings, and then continued her education with a BA in Anthropology and a Minor in Museum Studies and Gallery Management. 


After working in museum education for a few years, Jessica found her artwork constantly coming to the forefront of her attention, eventually networking and making her way to Paul and Jenny, moving into the private studio with them in Fairhaven in 2021 to begin her tattoo apprenticeship. Jessica strives for high levels of detail and realism in her work, but also enjoys a variety of art styles while tattooing. She seeks to have adaptability and attention to detail in all art forms. 


Outside of tattoo work, Jessica commissions portraits, enjoys hiking, camping, coffee, and long walks on the beach. She spends the majority of her free time with her family and pets. When you meet her, you’ll notice her long nerdy ramblings about Star Wars and color theories.

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